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"Truth and Politics" by Hannah Arendt (1)
Hubert Dreyfuss on Husserl, Heidegger and Sartre (1970s) (1)
Mr. Moustache (Nirvana) (1)
Guy Debord's "Critique de la séperation" (1961) (1)
"Huxley's Feelies - The Cinema of Sensation in Brave New World" (2006), essay by Laura Frost (1)
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"'He doesn’t like black people,' said Mykki Blanco. 'He likes black culture.'" (2)
Meanwhile in Miami (5)
"Man in the Anthropocene (as portrayed by the film Gravity)" (2)
Hal Foster in Interview on regrets, criticism, and the future: "I ate up theory like it was hash brownies." (1)
"Gwanjgu’s biennial feels theatrical and often macabre, while here in Shanghai, the prevailing mode is stoicism, punctuated by moments of manifest political and personal distress." (2)
Visualizing discourse (the rhythm of the cigarette gives each person a turn) (3)
The Guardian: "Russian artist cuts off earlobe in protest at use of forced psychiatry on dissidents" (1)
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"The Creepy New Wave of the Internet" (1)
"If Afropolitanism commodifies African culture, does Afropolitanism exist in art and do the same?" (1)
"So far, the 21st century has been a rotten one for the western model" (2)