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ArtNews reports that Carol Vogel has retired from the New York Times

Carol Vogel and Adam Weinberg

Carol Vogel, one of New York Times’ veteran arts writers focusing on art news and market reportage, has accepted a buyout from the paper. More info on ArtNet here.

Vogel says:

As I’m sure you have probably read, the Times is offering voluntary buyouts and for those of us who have been here a while, it’s a good deal. So after much soul-searching I have decided to take management up on the offer and resign. (I am joining quite a list of well-known bylines.)

‪I still plan to write and work on some projects I have been wanting to pursue for ages but never had the time because writing for a daily newspaper is all-consuming. It’s exciting to finally take a leap into the unknown and to see what other opportunities arise.

The question on everyone’s mind: Why couldn’t it be Ken Johnson?

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Hi Karen—replying here at your suggestion. (This is a neat platform!) My understanding is that Ken Johnson is a freelance critic at the Times, he’s not on staff and therefore not eligible for a buyout.

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Thanks Mostafa. I guess that’s even more weird that he’s freelance and they continually commission him…

Do you have any more insight into the buyout situation? I’m curious if everyone was offered a package. I can’t imagine the Times without Roberta.