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Meanwhile in Miami

Jordan Wolfson, the cute young artist represented by David Zwirner, was occupying a pool chair, complaining about the “levels of exclusivity” in Miami. He was staying at the Edition, where lines for the basement sometimes snake up two flights of marble stairs and down the hall. I nodded, and said that if exclusivity is his bête-noire, his artwork must be priced so reasonably.

Wolfson looked at me through green and gold shades. “I fed two thousand kids in Africa last year,” he said.

“Oh, you went to Africa?” I said.

Jordan Wolfson had not gone to Africa and did not like my line of questioning, or maybe it was the way I asked, as if I didn’t particularly want to fuck him. I wanted to see him get dirty. Most artists I know work with shame. Only the hand of the rich guy shrinks from touching his own money, and the very few, mostly straight, mostly male artists who can make six figures on a sculpture are usually unkeen to admit it (Sterling Ruby, who is represented by Hauser & Wirth, once told me he didn’t know the prices of his works). It’s no fun to think about what we deserve, especially if we’ve already outgotten it. Some of us, however, know that money is the last thing a person can deserve, and you can’t imagine an artist like Wolfson using a word like “earning.”



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yes - got this text already - nice that someone says something.

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@keren_cytter are you in NYC now? FYI this is public.

no. Will be back on tuesday night and will be gone again. Will be completely back on saturday. Will have a book launch on SUNDAY 12/21/14 at MATHEW GALLERY - A SPECIAL APE CHRISTMAS BOOK LAUNCH at 5PM.

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