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"If Afropolitanism commodifies African culture, does Afropolitanism exist in art and do the same?"

From “Why I’m Not an Afropolitan” by Emma Dabiri:

“Salami herself admits that Afropolitanism possibly goes ‘overboard in commodifying African culture.’ This should not be a throw-away comment. It is a cause for concern. The centrality of capitalism and the importance of commodification is confirmed when one searches Afropolitan on Google. See what’s comes up? Online shops, and aspirational luxury lifestyle magazines. There is lots of African-y stuff: jewellery, art and ankara toys. Such items are recognisable from Fanon too, who writes: ‘The bourgeoisie’s idea of a national economy is one based on what we can call local products. Grandiloquent speeches are made about local crafts.’ With the exception of a few well-positioned individuals of African origin, who now have a larger market to who they can ‘sell’ this image of Africa, whom are really the beneficiaries?”