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TWWWO Voice Archive is a growing archive of recorded phone conversations between the curators of The World in Which We Occur series, Margarida Mendes and Jennifer Teets, and an array of contemporary artists, scientists, philosophers, and scholars across disciplines.

It was originally developed for the XII Baltic Triennial that took place in September of 2015 at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius. The archive is now accessible online and the series will continue throughout 2016.

Embarking on modern day issues rooted in the history of materiality and flux, as well as pertinent politically enmeshed scientific affairs shaping our world today, the series’ premise is one of interrogation and epistemic search. Loosely inspired by, and set in the legacy of hybrids growing out of artist James Lee Byars’ 1969 project World Question Centre, The World in Which We Occur underlines the necessity for inquiry over an assertiveness of responses. ‘Could you offer us a question that you feel is pertinent in regards to your own evolution of knowledge?’ asks Byars at the end of the line. The World in Which We Occur unveils incentives or queries so as to generate further questions to build upon. It also aims to open up other areas of knowledge and speculation stemming from the core exercise of explicating one’s relationship within the current state of nature, in an era of erratic climatic behaviours.

Each conversation took place over the telephone, and was formulated around questions addressed by speakers across the world.

The speakers recorded in the four sessions are Carolina Caycedo, Cormac Cullinan, Ashlee Cunsolo Willox, Fran Gallardo, Lori Gruen, Clive Hamilton, Stefan Helmreich, Pedro Neves Marques, Barbara Orland, Joana Rafael, Jenna Sutela, and Paulo Tavares.

You can access the audio recordings here:

Speakers: Barbara Orland, Carolina Caycedo, Pedro Neves Marques

Speakers: Stefan Helmreich, Fran Gallardo, Jenna Sutela

Speakers: Clive Hamilton, Ashlee Cunsolo Willox, Lori Gruen

Speakers: Cormac Cullinan, Joana Rafael, Paulo Tavares

For further information on the speakers and TWWWO at the XII Baltic Triennial click here:


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For access to the prototype session held in the context of the series “Pharmacokinetics of an Element” at CAC, Vilnius in 2014 click here:

Speakers: Etienne Turpin, Nabil Ahmed, Rory Rowan
Duration: 1h 11 min
Recorded on Saturday 29 November 2014, 12–14 pm

A prototype of the event was organised by the CAC as part of a likeminded series titled Pharmacokinetics of an Element in November 2014 (in the context of one of the pilot exhibitions of the XII Baltic Triennial, Prototypes). The event focused on the global climate change debate classifying our era and its wide ranging consequences.

Etienne Turpin is a philosopher studying, designing, curating, and writing about complex urban systems, political economies of data and infrastructure, visual culture and aesthetics, and Southeast Asian colonial-scientific history. He lives and works in Jakarta.

Nabil Ahmed is a researcher, writer and educator. He teaches at the School of Architecture, London Metropolitan University. He is co-founder and director of Call & Response, a sound arts organization based in London.

Rory Rowan is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Zurich’s Geography Department, where his current research focuses on the geopolitical and philosophical dimensions of the Anthropocene and earth systems management. He is co-author with Claudio Minca of the recent ‘On Schmitt and Space’ and contributes writing on art, philosophy and politics to a number of publications including e-Flux, Mute and Society & Space.