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Walkthrough, Part I


A few years ago, in November 2007 to be precise, I started a project on the history of the arts in the Arab world. I remember the month because I’d received a phone call that month from a woman by the same name.

November calls and asks me whether I am interested in joining a retirement plan just for artists, something she referred to as the Artist Pension Trust.

Until that point, I’d not even heard of retirement funds just for artists and I’d certainly not heard of the Artist Pension Trust. So I asked around and found out that The Artist Pension Trust—which I will refer to as “APT” from now on—was started in 2004 by two men. The first is a businessman, an entrepreneur whose name is Moti or Mordechai Shniberg. I soon found out that Moti had a partner, a man who came from the world of finance, and someone who turned out to be a risk management expert, even a guru of sorts: Dan Galai.

So how does APT work? How do Shniberg and Galai structure this retirement fund for artists?

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