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Trisha Low on being hated

Image: Still from the film Malina (1991)

SF MOMA’s Open Space blog has published a mediation by Trisha Low on “feeling being-hated”:

Adam Phillips writes in Missing Out that “the lives we do lead are informed by the lives that escape us.” That our lives are defined by the “loss of what might have been; loss, that is, of things never experienced.” In other words, feeling you are hated is necessarily knowing that the thing you desire is not the thing that you don’t yet have—it’s what you’ve already lost. Feeling being-hated entails watching the good life, the better life circulating around you in gentle intimacies—touches, smiles and people in the street. I can’t go anywhere, always on the outside. I’m a mourning that can never be remedied. To feel being-hated is material. It’s to be trapped in the coffin between a life unlived and a life unlivable.

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