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The One-Foot Shop


One morning, while a man busied himself opening his shop, Design and Accident entered into a conversation.

Design proclaimed: “I have created humans; humans differ from others because of me; I shape their minds and lives. Their families, friends, gods, religions, organizations, communities and nations are me; their homes, schools, factories, temples, cities and graveyards are nothing but me; there is no human universe without me; I am what they eat, wear and think; I create sense in them; their souls and bodies are shaped by me; they imagine their past and future through me; I create order; I create ethics; I create beauty; I create emotions; there is no life without me; I am life.”

Accident enquired: “Are you the one?”

“Yes, I am that one... But I am not just ‘one.’ I am different for different humans. I take different forms and therefore am formless; I create unending pasts, presents and futures and hence am endless; I can create joy for some and grief for others at the same time and hence am characterless; I am many.”

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