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Russia uses UN to pivot from Ukraine to Syria


Russia is putting pressure on the separatists it backs in Ukraine to keep the country quiet and out of the news, and at least make it seem like it is on its way to a permanent solution. Since September 1 there has been an actual ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile Russian state-controlled media has shifted gears, coverage of Ukraine has fallen in priority and volume while Syria coverage has spiked, with star war reporters heading to Syria instead of Ukraine. That coverage usually indicates the direction Putin is about to move in.


Without wanting to support Putin. There is a question that we need ask. What do ISIS and ALJAZEERA share? The answer is financial support by the undemocratic monarch of Qatar. We ought to remember this fact every time we ht the share button for seemingly unbiased news and opinion from that news site.


aye, + Qatar has a vested interest in the Ukranian conflict and in the Syrian war:


should we then also abstain from using facebook because every hit on the fb button makes mark zuckerberg richer?


Facebook, however toxic is not bankrolling the Islamic State, besides
Qatar makes no secret of its ambitions, here you have a piece, also published in Al Jazeera, which openly states their strategic interest is to replace Russia as the major gas exporter to the EU:


without wanting to identify ‘lesser evil’: does making a secret of its ambitions (unlike aljazeera/qatar) makes facebook somehow superior? is there no connection between the vested interests facebook is entangled into (NSA, attention economy, degradation of public sphere) and the Islamic State?

on a different note, its curious how the content of the piece above is entirely ignored in the comfort argument of it being published on an ethically dubious website.


@oleksiy_radynski The difference being as bad as FB is, it is operating as a registered corporation with shareholders in a democracy with rules and laws. Aljazeera however I am not sure. Also being aware of something (remembering it) does not equate forbidding it. I still read AJ but I do not forget its geopolitical direction.