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Reflections: Seven Years Plus

Where is here? My neck of the woods?

The United States, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, East Bay, Los Angeles, California, New York, Manahatta, Washington Heights, Quisqueya Heights, Akron, Ohio, Durham, North Carolina, Chicago, Illinois, Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, Taos, New Mexico, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, Belgium, Brussels, Spain, Mallorca, Santanyí, Barcelona, Brazil, São Paulo, Sampa, Jardins, Chácara Flora, Finland, Helsinki, Turku, Åbo, Finnish Archipelago, Utö, Armenia via Geneva. Corbett Street, Nagel Avenue, Campinas, César Chavez, Third St.

My points of reference. Places of traversal, inhabitation, and energy expenditure. Friends, family, colleagues. From countries, a country of citizenship, to cities of residence, to working places, to street names. And living? Residing? This is taking place 24/7. In the car, on the subway, in the train, on planes. And while walking.

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