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Petition: "Open Letter Calling on Museums to Retain Staff During COVID-19 Crisis"


From Change.org:

To art museum directors, trustees, board members, and upper management:

We ask that you do everything in your power to retain all staff members during the COVID-19 crisis. Barely three weeks after the first “stay at home” order was issued in New York, furloughs and layoffs began at virtually all of our city’s museums and cultural institutions. We have a simple demand: before a single museum worker is laid off, let every mid-six- or seven-figure museum director draw a salary of zero. Let our wealthy trustees, who so expertly raise money for council field trips and directors’ first class-flights, fundraise instead for staff retention. Let the conversation around deaccessioning artwork and dipping into endowments start if it means saving jobs …

To read the full letter and sign the petition, visit Change.org.

Image via Change.org.

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