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Open Letter Regarding Lack of Diversity in NRW Forum Exhibition


Since the list of artists to be featured in an “international group exhibition” at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf became public on September 11, 2018, the exhibition in question—“Im Zweifel für den Zweifel: Die große Weltverschwörung” [When in Doubt, Choose Doubt: The Great World Conspiracy]—has evoked strong discussion and debate on social media and beyond. The broad public reaction can be attributed not only to the fact that the list of artists for this “international” exhibition is almost exclusively white, but also to the fact that the published list of artists includes only a single woman (in addition to twelve men and three artist collectives, one of which is exclusively male). In all fairness, shortly after the public outcry began, a second woman artist was expediently added to the list, much to her surprise …

How is it possible—in the year 2018—that publicly financed institutions continue to present exhibitions that are thoroughly unrepresentative of the diverse audiences that they serve? How is it possible that an “international” exhibition, one that sets out to address a global phenomenon, is composed almost exclusively of works by white men? It must be said, that rather than being an exception to the curatorial practice of the NRW Forum, this particular exhibition is just one example of the exclusionary curatorial approach that prevails at this particular institution. Other recent “international group exhibitions” hosted by the NRW Forum have, likewise, focused almost exclusively on the practice of white men from Europe and North America: “Mythos Tour de France” (2017), for example, included the name of a single woman in a list of 20 artists. More recently, “Pizza Is God” (2018) included the names of just two women among 26 participating artists.

Early responses to the intensely homogenous artist list for “Im Zweifel für den Zweifel” came from Verena Kaspar-Eisert (curator at the Kunsthaus Wien) and the artist Candice Breitz. Both directed their criticism to the two curators of the exhibition, Alain Bieber (director of the NRW Forum) and Florian Waldvogel (guest curator), via the Facebook pages of the curators, as well as via the public Facebook page of the NRW Forum (on which the exhibition was being promoted). Critical questions posed by Kaspar-Eisert and Breitz in the form of several social media posts were summarily deleted or blocked by the curators and the NRW Forum. Neither did the press office of the NRW Forum bother to respond to a formal email sent by Breitz. It was only as the critical pressure mounted, and as it became impossible to ignore the situation, that a first institutional reaction was forthcoming. On September 13, 2018, the NRW Forum posted the following statement (in German) to their Facebook page (the same statement was sent to Breitz by Bieber in English, via email). Notably, the statement dwells on the exhibition’s lack of gender parity (failing to acknowledge other disparities that had been pointed out):

You’re right, there are significantly fewer female artists than male artists in the exhibition. When curating the exhibition, we worked our way through the topic and oriented ourselves to a discourse that appears to be dominated by men. This can also be seen in the list of artists. We selected the works that we found most appropriate in their interplay with each other and with the topic. It was certainly not our intention to exclude female positions from the exhibition. But of course, it’s true that we as an institution should have questioned how the predominantly male list of artists came about, and should have included other female positions. We take this seriously and are currently discussing intensively what we can change in the future.

We, the signatories of this letter, cannot accept the above statement as sufficient, let alone as an adequate explanation for the homeopathic quantity of women—and virtual absence of people of color—from the exhibition (Nina Schedlmayer addresses the “homöopathische Frauenquote” succinctly in a blog entry written for Artemisia: The statement issued by the NRW Forum (as quoted above) resonates as insincere and tired:

  1. Not only because we have heard explanations of this nature all too often, whether in the context of exhibitions, panels, or other cultural events.

  2. But also because we firmly reject the claim that only white men are invested in the topic of this exhibition (and other all-male exhibitions that have been defended using similar argumentation). The most cursory research confirms that there are, of course, a number of outstanding female artists, nonbinary artists, and artists of color whose work would have been highly compelling in the context of the NRW Forum’s current exhibition, as well as in the context of past exhibitions at the institution (which have been equally thin on diversity).

On September 20, 2018, after a week of intense silence, curator Florian Waldvogel finally provided a lengthy response to critics of the exhibition, via a post on his Facebook page. Waldvogel framed his statement as a speech written to be delivered at the opening of the exhibition at the NRW Forum (though it is not clear whether the lengthy diatribe was in fact presented live). His full statement can be read here:

Like Bieber, Waldvogel focuses, in his public response, primarily on the lack of gender parity, largely failing to address the virtual exclusion of artists of color or artists from beyond the contexts of Europe and North America in the exhibition. He performs a familiar style of chauvinist defense as he takes on critique of the exhibition, a style which is achingly familiar to women, nonbinary folk, and people of color. The statement relies heavily on a number of rhetorical strategies that we are no longer willing to accept, namely:

  1. The denial of culpability and the shifting of blame to others

  2. Mansplaining (in this case, offering a lesson in feminism to feminist detractors)

  3. Aggressively discrediting the artist who first launched the critique of his exhibition

Waldvogel claims—in the aforementioned statement—that both men and women were invited to exhibit in “Zweifel,” and that, in fact, “more women than men declined.” This is a claim that the NRW Forum itself (and its director, Bieber) have tellingly refrained from making—despite the swelling criticism—prompting the question of why so many female and/or nonbinary artists might have chosen to decline the NRW’s invitation to exhibit (if this was indeed the case).

Certainly, curators should be allowed to make decisions regarding which artists they wish to include in exhibitions. In an ideal world, mandatory quotas securing equitable representation of artists of all genders, races, and origins would not be necessary. What is to be done, however, when curators insist that it is only possible to address a particular theme or topic by excluding women, nonbinary artists, and artists of color? What is to be done when a curator feels that he can evade accountability by denouncing fair critique as “mainstream feminism” or “hashtag feminism” (as Waldvogel does in his statement)? What is to be done when it becomes clear that the vision of a curator is obscured by blind spots that disable the possibility of inclusive and expansive curatorial practice, resulting in what can only be described as the systemic exclusion of artists who do not closely enough mirror the particular world view of the curator himself?

In the case of exhibitions mounted by public institutions in particular, it is more than reasonable to expect that those charged with the responsibility of curating an “international group exhibition” should engage in thorough research and aspire to develop a list of artists that is not limited predominantly (or only) to white men. For a curator to fall back on notions of “quality” and “relevance” as his justification for excluding a more diverse range of artists is simply unacceptable in 2018, just as unacceptable as the argument that there are certain topics or themes that are primarily or exclusively the domain of men. In fact, “quality” and “relevance” cannot be defined independently of the political, social, and economic conditions in which these descriptors are articulated; nor can they be properly assessed without a nuanced reflection on which social actors are typically granted the power to measure “quality” and “relevance.” To expect curators or other decision-makers in public institutions to think deeply about how “quality” and “relevance” are defined and attributed (and of course, by whom) is not to relativize either quality or relevance, but rather to demand of curators a critical awareness of the social, political, and economic matrices within which their value judgments are formed, at the very least (as a corrective to the myopic parameters that are otherwise likely to be applied).

In 2016, the artist Oliver Laric turned down an invitation to participate in an exhibition at the NRW Forum precisely because he felt that the list of artists was too dominated by men. In his email reply to Laric, Alain Bieber insists that “Age / Gender / Sexuality / Nationality” do not matter to him in the making of curatorial decisions. Instead, he argues, he is only interested in the “the quality and relevance of [artistic] work.” If Laric could direct him to female artists “who are making better works than their male counterparts on the relevant exhibition topic,” Bieber writes, he would gladly “curate an exhibition that focuses exclusively on women.”

Implicit in Bieber’s email, is the assumption that a focus on “quality” and “relevance” naturally eliminates the possibility of including work by women. Rather more explicit is his expectation that women should produce work that is not only equivalent to, but explicitly better than, that of their male peers, in order to warrant curatorial consideration in the first place. We, the undersigned, dismiss both the former and the latter assumptions as nonsense. Bieber’s is an attitude that perpetuates the widespread, systemic, and institutionalized ignorance that allows patriarchal networking and boys’ club behavior to flourish, all the while discriminating against and marginalizing the work of women, nonbinary artists, and artists of color.

The experience of exclusion is nothing new to artists, curators, theoreticians, and others who belong to the aforementioned communities. The current exhibition at the NRW Forum is not the first (nor will it be the last) exhibition, jury, conference, or publication in the context of which only white men are deemed capable of delivering sufficient “quality” and “relevance.” WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

It is our hope that in the future there will be no need for institutions to take measures that guarantee equitable representation and visibility for a diverse community of artists. It is our wish that, at some point in the future, exhibition organizers will gladly invest in the necessary research that results in the allocation of available resources, support, and visibility to a broader range of artists. It is the intention of this letter to contribute to the gradual but inevitable shift that is so long overdue within the field of contemporary art and beyond, one that allows participants in the culture industry—regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or origin—fair and equitable access to public support and exposure.

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SIGNED BY (as of September 24, 2018):

Adnan Yıldız, Curator
Adrian Paci, Artist, Milan
Agnieszka Polska, Artist
Ahmet Ogut, Artist, Berlin
Alexandra Pirici, Artist, Bucharest
Alya Sebti, Curator
And She Was Like: BÄM, Collective, Cologne
Andy Holtin, Artist + Curator
Anna Jäger, Übersetzerin und Kuratorin, SAVVY Contemporary Berlin
Annette Kelm, Künstlerin
Antje Ehmann, Author / Curator / Artist, Berlin
Antje Majewski, Artist, Berlin
Arjun Appadurai, Berlin
Azadeh Sharifi, Theatre Scholar, Berlin
Bettina Leidl, Direktorin, Kunst Haus Wien
Bettina Steinbrügge, Director, Kunstverein in Hamburg
Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Exhibition Maker
Çağla Ilk, Kuratorin, Berlin
Candice Breitz, Artist, Berlin
Carlos Amorales, Artist, Mexico City
Carson Chan, Writer + Curator
Charles Esche, Curator + Museum Director, The Netherlands
Christina Vegh, Direktorin Kestnergesellschaft Hannover
Didem Yazici, Curator
Dolores Zinny, Artist, Berlin
Elvia Wilk, Writer/Editor, Berlin/New York
Eva Scharrer, Writer + Curator
Eva Schlegel, Künstlerin, Wien
Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, Kuratorin, Kunsthistorikerin, Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien
Flaka Haliti, Künstlerin, foundationClass, Berlin
Gabriele Horn, Art Historian / Director of the Berlin Biennale, Berlin
Heba Y. Amin, Artist, Berlin
Henriette Gallus, Stellvertretende Intendantin, steirischer herbst
Henrike Naumann, Artist
Hergen Wöbken, IFSE, Berlin
Iara Boubnova, Curator, Bulgaria
IG Bildende Kunst, Interessenvertretung bildender Künstler_innen, Wien
Iliana Fokianaki, Curator / Founder of State of Concept, Athens
Ines Kappert, Autorin und Mitbegründerin von Baynatna. Die arabische Bibliothek
Ingo Vetter, Dekan Fachbereich Kunst und Design, Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Inke Arns, Direktorin Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund
Janneke de Vries, designated Director Weserburg I Museum für moderne Kunst Bremen
Jasmina Metwaly, Artist
Jörg Heiser, Kunstkritiker
Judith Eilers
Judith Hopf, Artist
Julie Crenn, Feminist Art Critic & Curator, France
Julieta Aranda, Künstlerin
Katharina von Ruckteschell-Katte, Goethe-Institut, Brasil
Kaya Behkalam, Artist, Berlin
Kerstin Stakemeier, Professorin für Kunsttheorie & –vermittlung, Akademie der Künste Nürnberg
Khaled Barakeh, Artist, Berlin
Kolja Reichert, Art Critic
Krist Gruijthuijsen, Direktor, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
Leonie Pfennig, Art Historian + Writer
Lisa Blanning, music industry professional, Berlin
Lisa Holzer, Künstlerin, Berlin
Lisa Oppenheim, Artist, Berlin / Munich
Marc Siegel, Professor für Filmwissenschaften, Mainz
Marianne Wagner, Kuratorin Gegenwart, LWL Landesmuseum Münster
Marie Docher, Photographer, Paris
Marina Naprushkina, Artist
Marwa Arsanios, Artist
Mathilde ter Heijne, Artist / Professor, Berlin
Mehveş Ungan, Art Historian
Mekonnen Mesghena, Policy Analyst, Berlin
Memory Biwa, Sound Artist / Herstorian, Windhoek, Namibia
Merve Namlı, Writer / Translator, Berlin
Michaela Melián, Professorin HFBK, Hamburg
Michaela Ott, Professorin für Ästhetische Theorien, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg
Ming Wong, Artist, Berlin
Miriam Barnitz, Art Historian, Berlin
Mohammad Salemy, Artist / Writer / Curator, Berlin
Monica Bonvicini, Artist, Berlin
Mounira Al Solh, Artist
Musa Okwonga, writer, Berlin
Nabi Nara, Curator, Berlin
Nasan Tur, Künstler
Nguyễn Baly, Artist, Berlin
Nikola Dietrich, Direktorin Kölnischer Kunstverein
Nina Schedlmayer, Kunstkritikerin und Journalistin, Wien
Nurah Farahat, Visual Artist, Bremen/Cairo
Nuray Demir, Artist/Curator, Berlin
Oliver Koerner von Gustorf, Kritiker
Oliver Laric, Künstler
Övül Ö. Durmusoglu, Kuratorin, Berlin
Özlem Altin, Artist
Phung-tien Phan, Artist, Essen
Pinar Ogrenci, Artist, Istanbul/Berlin
Rein Wolfs, Director, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn
Rosa Barba, Artist, Berlin
Roy Huschenbeth, Artist / Exhibition Maker, Hamburg
Rudolf Frieling, Curator, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Ruth Noack, Autorin und Kuratorin, Berlin
Sabeth Buchmann, Kunsthistorikerin und -kritikerin
Sabine Breitwieser, Curator, Vienna
Shannon Bool, Künstlerin
Sibel Öztürk, Künstlerin
Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Film Curator, Berlin
Stefanie Weber, Curator, Lenbachhaus, Munich
Suzanne Treister, Artist, London
Sven Beckstette, Kurator, Berlin
Tara Transitory, Artist, Singapore
Tatjane Lecomte, Künstlerin, Wien
Tekla Aslanishvili, Artist
Tom Holert, Art Historian, Berlin
Trevor Paglen, Artist, Berlin
Tuçe Erel, Curator / Writer, Berlin
Udo Kittelmann, Kurator, Berlin
Ulf Aminde, Künstler, Berlin
Ulrike Bergermann, Professor of Media Studies
Ulrike Groos, Museum Director, Stuttgart
Vanessa Joan Müller, Curator, Vienna
Vanessa Ohlraun, Präsidentin - HBK Braunschweig, Berlin / Braunschweig
Vereinigung bildender Künstlerinnen Österreichs, Vienna, Austria
Verena Kaspar-Eisert, Curator, Kunst Haus Wien
Viktoria Binschtok, Künstlerin
Yael Bartana, Artist, Berlin / Amsterdam
Yzul Over, Revoluzy + Production, Galerie Wedding
Abhijan Toto, Curator + Co-Director, the Forest Curriculum, Bangkok
Abhishek Nilamber, art worker, Berlin
Achim Lengerer/ Scriptings
Ada Maria Hennel, Galeristin, Berlin
Adam Broomberg, Artist, Berlin
Adela Lovric, Journalist, Berlin
Adi Liraz, artist, Berlin
Adriane Wachholz, Artist
Aisling Keavey, Photographic Artist, London
Ale Bachlechner, Künstlerin, Köln
Aleksander Komarov, Artist and Lecturer, Founder ABA
Alessandra Ferrini, Artist, London
Alex Fahl, Art Producer, Berlin
Alex Lebus, Bildende Künstlerin, Berlin
Alexander Bornschein, Artist, Berlin
Alexander Janz, Artist
Alexander Koch, Gallerist + Curator, Berlin
Alexandra Grausam, Direktorin das weisse haus und studio das weisse haus
Alexandra Kawiak, Artist
Alexandra Ross, Curator / Academic, Glasgow
Alexandra Sackmann, Online Marketing Manager, Cologne
Alexandra Tatar, Künstlerin, Wien
Alexandra van Dongen, Curator
Alexandra Wach, Kunstkritikerin, Köln
Alisa Berger, artist, köln
Althea Thauberger, Artist, Vancouver
Alyssa De Luccia, Artist, Berlin
Amanda Haas, Creative Director/Designer, Berlin
Amelia Umuhire, artist, Berlin
Ana Hupe, artist, Rio de Janeiro/ Berlin
Ana Kavalis, performance artist, Berlin
Anahita Razmi
Andrea Geile, Künstlerin, Bremen/Edinburgh
Andrea Pichl, Artist, Berlin
Andrea Stultiens, Artist + Researcher + Lecturer
Andreas Kopp, Artist
Andreas Richartz, Autor/Kritiker, Brühl
Andreas Schlaegel, Kritiker
Andreas Tölke
Aneta Kajzer, Artist, Berlin
Anetta Mona Chisa, Artist, Prague
Angela Anderson, Artist, Berlin
Angelika Winkler, Grafikerin, Hamburg
Angelo Wemmje, Künstler, Berlin
Àngels Miralda, Curator, Barcelona
Ani Schulze, Künstlerin, Köln
Anica Philipa, Artist, Portugal
Anita Fuchs, Künstlerin
Anja Kirschner, Artist, London
Anja Manfredi, Artist, Vienna
Anja Schlamann, Artist, Cologne
Anke Gollub, Artist, Münster
Ann Schomburg, Berlin
Anna Binta Diallo, Artist, Montreal
Anna Ehrenstein, Artist + Mediator
Anna Kautenburger, Artist
Anna Lena Seiser, Kuratorin, Düsseldorf
Anna Maria Brunnhofer, Strategy Agency and Gallerist, Linz/Vienna
Anna Meyer, Artist
Anna Möller, Künstlerin
Anna Schwartz, Gallerista, Melbourne
Anna Wegenschimmel, Art Historian, Berlin
Anna-Catharina Gebbers, Kuratorin, Berlin
Anna-Marya Tompa, Artist
Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Artist
Anne Musisi, Artist + Writer
Anne Wenzel, Artist
Anne-Marie Melster, Interdisciplinary Curator, Paris
Annelies Kamen, Artist, Berlin
Annette Frick, Künstlerin
Anthony Aziz, Artist / Faculty at Parsons School of Design, New York
Antje Engelmann, Künstlerin
Antoanetta Marinov, Artist, Berlin
Antonia Alampi, Curator + Writer
António Mendes, Curatorial Assistant, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin
Ariane Jedlitschka, Künstlerin + Aktivistin, Kuratorin
Arlette-Louise Ndakoze, independent journalist, Berlin
Arne Schmitt, Künstler, Köln
Aron Lesnik, Artist, Berlin
Asha Edwards, Musikmanagerin
Asli Serbest, Künstlerin und Professorin, HFK Hochschule für Künste Bremen
Assaf Gruber, Artist
Astrid Köppe, Artist, Berlin
Astrid Mania, Professorin HFK, Hamburg
Axel Erbstößer, Artist / Musician, Cologne
Axel Lapp, Direktor MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen
Barbara J. Scheuermann, Curator
Barbara Probst, Künstlerin
Barbara Toopeekoff, documenta, Kassel
Bárbara Wagner, Artist, Brazil
Bassam El Baroni, Scholar / Curator, Helsinki
Bea Otto, Künstlerin, Aachen
Beate Scheder, Writer, Berlin
Beatrice Marchi, Artist
Bendix Bauer, Illustrator + Artist
Benjamin Adams, Studierender, Köln
Benjamin de Burca, Artist, Brazil
Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Prof. Kulturen des Kuratorischen, HGB Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig
Bernadette Wolbring
Bettina Böhm, Kunsthistorikerin und Leiterin, Outset Germany-Switzerland
Bettina Charlotte Belker, Zentrale Gleichstellungsbeauftragte, Hochschule Osnabrück
Bettina Leidl
Bettina Marx, Künstlerin, Bonn
Bianca Quasebarth, Studentin, Düsseldorf
Biniam Graffé, Cologne
Birender Yadav, Artist, India
Birgit Rüberg, Artist
Birgit Sattlecker, Fotohof, Salzburg
Birte Zellentin, Fotografin, Berlin
Borjana Ventzislavova, Artist, Vienna / Sofia
Brenda Schmahmann, Academic, Johannesburg
Brian Bailey
Brigitta Heidtmann, Bildende Künstlerin, Krefeld
Brigitta Kuster, Berlin
Brigitte Dunkel, Visual Artist, Köln
Caitlin Masley, Architect / Urbanist / Artist, NYC
Carina Brandes, Künstlerin, Berlin
Carina Bukuts, Curator + Writer
Carine Dolek, Curator + Writer
Carla Bobadilla, Artist, Vienna
Carla Donauer, Kunsthistorikerin
Carmen Lucia Brusaferro Riquelme, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
Carmen Zanetti, Ausstellungsorganisation, Bregenz
Carol-Anne Gainer, Artist, Cape Town
Carola Dertnig, Künstlerin
Carola Spadoni, Artist
Carola Willbrand, Artist, Windeck
Carolina Arciniegas, Designer, Cologne / Bogota
Carolina Redondo, Artist/Producer, Berlin
Caroline Nathusius, Ausstellungsmacherin, Fotografin, Feministin
Ce Jian, Artist, Berlin
Cecile Bourne Farrell, curator
Charlotte Lang, Art Historian, Cologne
Chiara Cartuccia, Curator, London
Christian Schreckenberger, Künstler, Düsseldorf
Christina Dimitriades, Artist, Berlin
Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, Künstlerische Leiterin Viennacontemporary
Christina Wheeler, artist
Christine Berndt, Social Media Manager, Berlin
Christine Huizenga, Künstlerin
Christine Würmell, Artist, Berlin
Christoph Linder, Booking Agent, Berlin
Christoph Platz, Leiter der Kuratorischen Belange, steirischer herbst
Clara Masnatta, Academic Researcher / Curator, Berlin
Clara Napp, Kuratorin, Düsseldorf
Claudette Lauzon, Art Historian, Vancouver
Claudia Desgranges, Künstlerin, Köln
Claudia Kapp, Künstlerin
Claudia Schumann, Artist, Vienna
Claus Föttinger, Artist, Düsseldorf
Colin Griffiths, Art Whisperer, Vancouver
Constanze Zawadzky, Düsseldorf
Cordelia Marten, Lektorin
Cordula Walter, Pressereferentin und Kunstkritikerin, Köln
Corinna Wolfien, Kulturgestalterin, Berlin
Cornelia Knoll, Berlin
Cornelia Pistorius, Designerin, Köln
Dani Gal, Artist, Berlin
Daniel Neugebauer, Kulturvermittler, Berlin
Daniel Niggemann, Kurator
Daniela Steinfeld, Galeristin VAN HORN, Düsseldorf
Danielle Spoelman, Artist, Enschede, NL
Daria Filardo, Curator / Teacher
David Borawski, Artist/Curator
David Frohnapfel, Kunstwissenschaftler, Berlin
Dayana Zdebsky de Cordova, Anthropologist, Curitiba, Brazil
Denise Ryner, Director/Curator - Or Gallery, Vancouver
Dennis Vetter, Film Critic, Leipzig
Despina Stokou
Di Ball, Artist
Diana McCarty, /
Dinah Büchner, Kulturschaffende Berlin/ Hamburg
Dominik Lindner, Köln
Dominique Haensell, Berlin
Dominique Hurth, Artist, Berlin
Donata aus der Wieschen, Kulturwissenschaftlerin, Köln
Dorian Batycka, Critic
Doug Fishbone, Artist, London
Eden Breitz, Photographer
Edwin Isford, Artist / Photographer, Montreal
Elektra Stoffregen, Artist
Elena Agudio, Art Historian / Curator, Berlin
Elena Korzhenevich, Curator, Paris/ Milan
Elena Quintarelli, Berlin
Eli Cortiñas, Artist
Elianna Renner, Artist / Researcher, Bremen
Elina Brotherus, Artist
Elisabeth Eberle, Artist
Elisabeth von Samsonov, Künstlerin und Professorin für Philosophie und Historische Anthropologie der Kunst, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
Ellen Hamann Simmons, Designer, Köln
Elsa Westreicher, Graphikdesignerin, Berlin
Elsa-Louise Manceaux, Artist, Mexico
Emilie Beffara
Emilie Trice, Curator + MFA Student
Endi Tupja, experimental documentary filmmaker, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Tirana/Berlin
Enric Fort Ballester, Artist, Hannover + Valencia
Enrica Di Gangi, Graphic Designer / Artist, Palermo
Erec Gellantz, Kunstwissenschaftler
Erich Pick, Artist + Writer
Erik Biembacher, Sozialpalast, Münster
Erik Gilbert, Music Producer, London
Eva Engelberger, Marketingleitung, Kunst Haus Wien
Eva Grubinger, Artist
Eva Grumeth, Ausstellungsorganisation, Leipzig
Eva Maria Oberbauer
Eva Radermacher, Physicist, Cologne
Eva Schlegel
Eva Tritsch, Cultural Managerin, NRW
Eva Vuillemin, Artist, Berlin
Fanny Gonella, Direktorin 49 Nord 6 Est - Frac Lorraine, Metz
Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
Felix Burrichter, Publisher, NYC
Felix Thomas, Graphic Designer
Fiene Scharp, Artist, Berlin
Folawole Oyinlola, dancer, San Francisco
Francesco Gattuso, Art PR + Curator
Franziska Buhre, Music Curator, Berlin
Franziska Nast, Künstlerin & Buchgestalterin
Frauke Berg, Künstlerin
Freak Ass E, DJ, Berlin
Freya Hattenberger, Künstlerin
Fumiko Kikuchi, Artist, Braunschweig / Hokkaido
Gabriela Golder, Artist + Curator, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gabriela Mateescu, Artist
Gabrielle de Vietri, Artist, Melbourne
Garth Claassen, Artist + Art Professor
Geoffrey Garrison, Artist’s Assistant, Berlin
Geoffrey Krawczyk, Artist, NYC/Berlin
Geraldine Hepp, Erwachsenenbildung / Community Director, Berlin / Sao Paulo
Gillian Gocking, Köln
Gina Moments, Filmmaker + Curator, Hong Kong
Giusi Diana, Curator/Journalist, Palermo, Italy
Gregor Quack, Art Historian
Gülay Gün, Freie Kuratorin und Historikerin. Beraterin für Diversity und Leading Change in Museen, Hamburg
Gustav Hellberg, Künstler
Gwendolyn Sebald, Berlin
Hanaa El Degham, Berlin
Hanna Magauer, Researcher, Berlin
Hannah Hallermann, Artist, Berlin
Hannah Wolf, Künstlerin + Journalistin
Harald Theiss, Curator
Hauke Heumann, Actor, Berlin
Heidi Pfohl, Medienkünstlerin, Köln
Heidi Sill, Artist
Heidi Specker, Photographer
Heike Simmer, Künstlerin, Köln
Heike Sperling, Professorin für Digitale Bildmedien, Transmediale Formen, Visuelle Musik (Robert Schumann Hochschule, Düsseldorf)
Heinrich Carstens, Art Fair Director, Berlin/Munich/Basel
Helen Feifel, Berlin
Helen Ferguson, Berlin
Helena Kritis, Programmer, Brussels
Helena Reckitt, Goldsmiths University of London
Hendrik Gries, Strategy Director, Berlin
Henk Jonker, Painter + Poet + Performer
Henriette Pleiger, Curator
Holger Otten, Kurator, Köln
Howard Taylor, New York/Berlin
Ilona Anderson
Imke Itzen, Projektleitung Skulptur Projekte Münster 2017
Imke Kannegiesser, Assistant Curator
Inga Lace, Curator, Riga
Ingo Mittelstaedt, Künstler
Ingrid Jejina, Artist
Irina Novarese, Artist, Berlin
Iris Hoppe, Künstlerin, Köln
Iris Kadel
Irma Blumstock, Artist
Isabelle Meiffert, Kuratorin
Isidora Krstic, Artist, Vienna / Belgrade
Isolde Krams
Ivica Capan, Künstler
Jaike Herrmann, Art Historian
Jan Hoeft, Artist, Köln
Jan Kage, Impresario, Berlin
Jan Lemitz, Photograph
Jan Tappe, Curator
Jana Duda, Kunstwissenschaftlerin
Jane Eschment, Hochschullehrerin, Köln
Janine Eggert, Artist / Curator, Berlin
Jasmina Al-Qaisi, cultural manager, Berlin
Jeewi Li, Artist, Berlin
Jeni Fulton, Editor + Academic
Jenni Henke, Kunsthistorikerin
Jennifer Bork, Kuratorin
Jennifer Jendreizik, Photographer, Cologne
Jennifer Nelson, Kunsthistorikerin
Jenny Rova
Jens Mentrup, Galerist KM, Berlin
Jeroen Evertz, Visual Artist, Maastricht, NL
Jessica Twitchell, Bildhauerin, Köln
Jil Kloster, Studentin, Köln
Jo Rogge, Artivist
Joanna Szproch, Artist/Photographer, Berlin
Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Artist
Johanna Roderburg, Künstlerin, Aachen
Johannes Paul Raether, Künstler
Jonas Tinius, Anthropologist, Berlin
Jordane Maurs, filmmaker, teacher, Berlin
Josie Thaddeus-Johns, Writer, Berlin
Juan Blanco, Artist, Kiel
Judita Kovarikova, Artist, Vienna
Judith Bahlig, educator/lecturer, Berlin
Judith Eilers
Judith Lavagna, Curator, Berlin
Judith Miriam Escherlo, Künstlerin
Judith Rodenbeck, Associate Professor, University of California
Julia Bünnagel, Künstlerin, Köln
Julia Charlotte Richter, Artist, Berlin
Julia Gruner, Künstlerin, Köln
Julia König, Künstlerin, Köln / Berlin
Julia Marti, Grafikerin, Zürich
Julia Pabst, Artist / Teacher, Cologne
Julia Reich, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, Institut für Kunstgeschichte, HHU, Düsseldorf
Julia Stoff
Julia Weissenberg, Künstlerin, Köln
Julian Kamphausen, Berlin
Juliana Irene Smith, Artist, Vaasa, Finland
Juliane Pieper, Artist, Berlin
Julie Abricot, Black Art History student, Berlin
Jürgen Bauer, Künstler, Wien
Justin Lipman, Industry Professor, Sydney
Jutta Pöstges, Künstlerische Leitung, KUNSTHAUS KAT18, Köln
Kamila Metwaly, Sound Art + Music Curator / Journalist, Berlin/Cairo
Karen Heinze, Historian
Karin Schneider, Artist
Kate Donovan, radio artist, Berlin
Kate Strain, Curator, Graz
Katharina Beckmann, Berlin
Katharina Faller, Berlin
Katharina Klang, Curator
Katharina Kohl
Katharina Maderthauer, Künstlerin, Düsseldorf
Katharina Monka, Artist
Katharine Quecke, Artist, Boston, USA
Käthe Wenzel, Artist, Berlin
Kathrin Graf, Bildhauerin, Amsterdam
Kati Kivinen, Curator, Helsinki
Katia Kelm, Künstlerin
Katja Butt, Künstlerin / Professorin, Köln
Katja Pudor, Artist, Berlin
Katja Schmitz-Dräger, Berlin
Katrin Huber, Künstlerin, Salzburg
Katrin Plavčak, Artist, Vienna
Katrin Ströbel, Artist, Marseille
Kelly Krugman, Berlin
Kimberly Bradley, Journalist/Critic
Kinsi Abdulleh, artist, educator and publisher, London/UK
Kirsten Koehler, Designerin, Köln
Klara Wallner, Autorin
Kristin Klein, Researcher + Art Educator
Kristina Berling, Künstlerin
Kristina Leko, Artist, Berlin
Kristina Scepanski, Direktorin Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster
Kristina Stoyanova, Artist, Düsseldorf/Berlin
Lars Hering, TV Producer
Lasse Lau, Artist / Filmmaker, Kran Film Collective
Laura Eckert, Bildhauerin/Bildende Künstlerin
Laura G. Jones, Artist, Berlin
Laura Josefine Lang, Curator, Munich
Laura Kloeckner, Berlin
Laura Mareen Lagemann, Künstlerin und Kunstvermittlerin
Laura Parnes, Artist, New York
Laura Volgger, Historikerin, Universität Innsbruck
Laure Catugier, Artist, Berlin
Lauren Altman, Artist, New York
Laurence Bonvin, Artist
Leif Magne Tangen, Curator / Producer / Intendant, Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø
Lema Sikod, Cultural Manager, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin
Lena Anouk Philipp, Artist
Lena Ditte Nissen, Artist
Lena Fließbach, Curator, Berlin
Leo He Zhao, Artist, Berlin
Lidiya Anastasova, Kuratorin und Kunstvermittlerin
Lilian Haberer, Kunstwissenschaftlerin, Köln
Lilli Döscher, Künstlerin, Marseille
Linda Nadji, Künstlerin, Köln
Lisa Glauer, Artist + Researcher
Lisa Pommerenke, Designer / Founder of “And She Was Like Bäm,” Cologne
Liz Munsell, Curator, Boston / New York
Liza Dieckwisch
Lizzie Roberts, Berlin
Lotte Knote, researcher & filmmaker, Berlin
Louisa Babari, Artist, Paris
Loyiso Qanya, Curator, Cape Town
Luchezar Boyadjiev, Artist
Lucrezia Cippitelli, Scholar / Curator, Milan
Lucy Beech, Künstlerin
Luise Pilz, Kunsthistorikerin, Berlin
Luiza Prado de O. Martins, artist, Berlin
Lujan Galaz, Video Editor, Argentina
Lukas Liese, Artist, Berlin
Lukas Zerbst, Artist
Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock
Lyoudmila Milanova, Künstlerin, Köln
Magdalena Götz, Media + Art Researcher / Curator, Cologne
Magdalena Kallenberger, artist, Berlin
Magdalena von Rudy, Künstlerin, Wuppertal
Maia Gusberti, Bern/Brussels
Maïmouna Jallow, Storyteller, Nairobi
Maizi Li, Activist, Beijing
Malte Struck, Künstler
Mara Sandrock, Künstlerin, Leipzig
Marcela Stahn Artist, Düsseldorf
Mareike Dittmer, Direktorin Art Stations Foundation CH, Susch
Maren Lübbke-Tidow, writer and curator, Berlin
Maren Mittentzwey, Art historian/translator
Maren Richter, Curator + Researcher
Marenka Krasomil, Kuratorin
María Inés Plaza Lazo, Publisher of Reflektor M, Arts of the Working Class & director of EXILE.
María Ines Rodriguez, Independent Curator, France
Mariá J. Muñoz Martinez, Cultural Agent
Maria Jäger, Pädagogin, Berlin
Maria Noisternig, Fotografin
Maria Wildeis, Kuratorin, Köln
Maria-Gracia Latedjou, Artist, Luanda
Marian Mayland, artist, Bochum
Marianna Krüger, freiberufliche Künstlerin/Malerin
Marie Graftieaux
Marie S. Ueltzen, Künstlerin
Marie-Claire Delarber, Artist / Filmmaker, Cologne
Mariechen Danz, Artist, Berlin
Marina Mottin
Marinella Senatore, Artist + Activist
Mario Dollinger, Photographer, Berlin
Marion Scharmann, Art Historian, Cologne
Marisa Olson, Artist
Marita Bullmann, Künstlerin, Essen
Marja Christians, Kulturschaffende, Berlin/Hildesheim/Paris
Markus Voit, Artist, Berlin
Marleen Rothaus, Art Student, Cologne
Marlon Wobst, Artist, Berlin
Marta Valsecchi, Student, Genova
Martha Schwindling, Designer, Berlin
Martin Heller, Artist Counsellor / Jurist
Martina Minette Dreier, Artist
Mathias Kessler, Künstler, New York
Matti Thomsen, Teacher, Berlin
Maureen Jeram, Artist
Max Delany, Curator / Museum Director, Melbourne
Max Mayer, Galerist, Düsseldorf
Maxi Broecking, Publicist / Writer, Berlin
Maxwell Stephens, Künstler
May Castelnuovo, Artist
Medea Lewis, London
Melanie Roumiguiere, Kuratorin, Berlin
Melisa Aller, Artist, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Mia Boysen, Künstlerin, Köln
Michael Fesca
Michaela Sadlowski, Artist, Stuttgart
Michelle Eistrup, Visual Artist, Copenhagen
Micki Tschur, Artist / Art Educator / Berlin
Milena Dragicevic, Künstlerin
Milva Stutz, Künstlerin, Zürich
Miriam Bettin, Curator + Writer
Miriam Jonas, freischaffende Künstlerin, Berlin
Mona Mahall, Künstlerin + Professorin Hafencity University, Hamburg
Monica Ursina Jäger, Artist
Monika Fleischmann, Research Artist / Curator / Writer
Monika Meta Schmid, Artist
Monika Romstein, Artist
Moritz Ahlert, Architect + Academic + Feminist
Moritz Scheper, Curator + Art Critic
Moritz Willborn
Nadine Decker, Artist, Cologne
Nadine Fecht, Artist, Berlin
Nadine Siegert, Researcher + Publisher + Curator
Nadine Wietlisbach, Museum Director / Curator, Winterthur, CH
Natalia Fox, Vocalist, Remscheid
Natalia Mount, Curator, Oakland, California
Natascha Schmitten, Künstlerin, Köln
Natasha A. Kelly, Berlin
Nate Harrison, Artist/Writer, New York / Boston
Nedko Solakov, Künstler
Nelly Gawellek, Kunsthistorikerin, Köln
NEOZOON, Female Artist Group, Berlin
Nico Joana Weber, Künstlerin, Köln
Nicole Giese-Kroner, Künstlerische Leiterin Syker Vorwerk - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst
Nike Seifert, Artist, Cologne
Niklas Goldbach, Artist, Berlin
Nikolai Szymanski, Artist, Cologne / Düsseldorf
Nina E. Schönefeld, Artist / Political Video Installation, Berlin
Nina Horisaki-Christens, Art Historian / Curator, Tokyo / NYC
Nina Katchadourian, Artist / Associate Professor, NYU Gallatin School, Brooklyn/Berlin
Nine Budde, Künstlerin, Berlin
Nita Tandon, Künstlerin, Wien
Norbert Pape, Artist, Berlin
Olani Ewunnet, Researcher, Berlin
Oliver Hardt, Director / Filmmaker / Producer, Frankfurt am Main
Olivia Platzer, Künstlerin, Köln
Omar-Pascual Castillo, Curator / Editor, LPGC, Spain
Pablo Hulshof, Artist, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany
Patricia Bateira, Artist, Berlin
Patricia Kamp, Artistic Director, Berlin
Patrick C Haas, Köln
Patrick Rieve, Künstler, Köln
Patrizia Dander, Curator, Munich
Paul G. Shaw, Poet, Montreal
Pauline Doutreluingne, Curator
Peles Empire, Artists, Berlin
Peter Braunholz, Fotokünstler, Frankfurt am Main
Peter Chametzky, Professor of Art History, University of South Carolina
Peter Kuthan, Cultural Exchange Facilitator, Linz, Austria
Peter Ucko, Performing Artist
Petra Pechtheyden, Art Historican / Art Critic / Feminist, Berlin
Petra Reichensperger, Researcher
Pier Luigi Tazzi, Art Critic / Curator
Pierrine Augat, Studentin der Kunstgeschichte / Kunstvermittlerin, Düsseldorf
Power Ekroth, Curator
Przemek Pyszczek, Artist
Quisqueya Henriquez, Artist / Co-Director of Sindicato, Dominican Republic
Radek Krolczyk, Galerist K’, Bremen
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Künstler
Rainer Iglar, Fotohof Salzburg
Raisa Galofre, Berlin
Ralf Tekaat, Künstler
Rara Kaminska, Artist, Berlin
Rebecca Lea, Art Lover
Rebecca Loyche, Artist
Rebecca Stephany, Professorin im Fachbereich Kommunikationsdesign, HfG Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe
Regina Weidmann, Projektmanagerin, Dortmund
Rhoda Rosen, Art Historian / Curator, Chicago
Richard Grayson, Artist, London
Rio Rahner, Künstler
RIta Guimarães, Artist, Lisbon
Rob Moonen, Artist + Managing Director of PARK, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Robert A. Hamblin, Artist / Queer, Cape Town
Robert Stokowy, Artist, Berlin
Robert Strasser, Entrepreneur
Robin Wörn, Design Student, Europe
Rodney La Tourelle, Artist, Berlin
Roland Neuburg, lenauforum e.V., Köln
Roland Spitzer, Artist
Romana Hagyo, Artist, University of Salzburg, Austria
Romily Alice Walden, Artist, Berlin
Rosemary Heather, Writer, Toronto
Ruth Piecha, Konzeptionerin, Köln
Sabine Brunckhorst, Sammlerin
Sabine Elsa Müller, Kunsthistorikerin und Kritikerin, Köln
Sabine Jelinek, Künstlerin, Wien
Sabine Kienzer, Journalistin, Kulturmanagerin, Wien
Sabine Lein, Trainee, Darmstadt
Sabine Odensaß, Künstlerin, Pulheim
Sabine Tress, Malerin, Köln
Saddie Choua, artist, Brussels, Belgium
Samantha Bohatsch, Artist, Berlin
Sammy Cucher, Artist / Faculty at Parsons School of Design, New York
Sander Gilman, Critic
Sandra Schäfer, Künstlerin
Sara Dolfi Agostini, Art Curator
Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Künstlerin
Sarah Elena Buhl, Berlin
Sarah Oh-Mock, Artist
Sarah Rifky, Curator and PhD Candidate, Boston
Sarah Szczesny, Artist, Cologne
Saskia Wendland, Artist, Berlin
Saskia-Yve Trommler, Photographer, Peresthofen
Saul Judd, Facilitator
Sebastián Eduardo, Art Historian
Selma Gültoprak, Künstlerin, Köln
Seraphine Noemi Meya, Researcher + Artist
Sergio Raggio, Artist, Italy
Shanna Freedman, Producer, Johannesburg
Shannen Hill, Fed Up Curator / Professor / Author, Washington D.C.
Shivanjani Lal, Artist, Sydney
Siegmar Zacharias, Artist, Berlin
Silke Wittig, Curator + Art Mediator, Athens / Berlin
Silvia Metz, Kunsthistorikerin, Berlin
Silvia Sofia Farina, Art Student, Palermo
Silvina Szperling, Artist + Curator, Argentina
Sonia E. Barrett, Artist, Bavaria
Sonja Hempel, Kunstwissenschaftlerin, Köln
Sophia Baader, Art Student
Sophia Süßmilch, Artist, Munich/Vienna
Sophie Jung, Artist, London / Basel
Sophie Schasiepen, Cultural Theorist, Vienna / Cape Town
Stefan Benchoam, Künstler + Ausstellungsmacher
Stefan Draschan, Künstler
Stefan Kobel, Journalist, Berlin
Stefania Galegati Shines, Artist + Teacher
Stefanie Böttcher, Direktorin Kunsthalle Mainz
Stefanie Gerke
Stefanie Moshammer, Künstlerin
Stefanie Schwarzschwimmer, Artist, Berlin
Stephanie Jünemann, Artist
Stéphanie Kieffer, Guide, Berlin
Stephanie Snider, Artist / Professor, Penn State University of the Visual Arts, New York
Stephanie von Spreter, Curator, Oslo
Stine Marie Jacobsen, Künstlerin
Surya Gied, Künstlerin, Berlin
Susana Borges Gomes, Kulturmanagerin, Berlin
Susanna Hertrich, Artist, Basel / Berlin
Susanne Burmester, Kuratorin und Mediatorin von NEUE AUFTRAGGEBER
Susanne Christ, Rechtsanwältin, Köln
Susanne Kriemann, Künstlerin und Professorin (Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe)
Susanne Winterling, Artist, Rehau
Sven Buchholzer, Fotograf
Svenja Prigge, Independent Graphic Designer, Berlin
Swantje Lichtenstein, Künstlerin, Aktivistin, Professorin
Sylvia Henrich, Bildende Künstlerin
Synne Genzmer, Curator, Vienna
Tammy Langtry, Curator, South Africa
Tanja Wagner, Galeristin, Berlin
Tatiana Lecomte, Künstlerin, Wien
Tessa Webber, Psychologist, Oxford
Thao Ho, Berlin
Theodor Ringborg, Curator
Theresa Schnell, Köln/Dresden
Tina Teufel, Kuratorin, Museum der Moderne Salzburg
Tine Furler, Artist, Berlin
Tomas Eller, Künstler
Tracey Snelling
Trevor Smith, Curator, Peabody-Essex Museum, USA
Ulrike Anna Bleier, Schriftstellerin, Köln
Ulrike Gerhardt, Kuratorin
Ursula Moffitt, Psychologist, Berlin
Ursula Theißen, Geschäftsführerin Das Frauenkulturbüro
Uta Weber, Artist, Europe
Ute Behrend, Künstlerin, Köln
Ute S. Werner, Mitarbeiterin in einer Kunstinstitution, Berlin
V J Coco Höhn AKA Claudia Schmitz, Artist, Cologne/Berlin
Valentina Seidel, Artist
Valentinas Klimasauskas, Curator
Valeria Heisenberg, Artist
Valerie Schulte-Fischedick, Kunstwissenschaftlerin, Berlin
Vanja Bucan, artist
Vela Arbutina, Designer + Artist
Vénera Kastrati, Artist
Veronika Dimke, Künstler*in, Köln
Veronika Floch, Kunsthistorikerin
Veronika Schubert, Künstlerin
Veronika Schumacher, Artist
Vicky Kiefer, Art Historian / Teacher, Zürich
Viktoria Tremmel, Künstlerin, Wien
Viola Eickmeier, Artwork Planner / Producer
Violeta Janeiro, Curator
Viron Erol Vert
Volker Schwennen, Künstlerische Leitung KW/R Kunstwerk Randlage Worpswede
Wagehe Cañuma, Artist
Wiebke Bartsch, Artist, Münster
William Galinsky, Artist / Curator, London
Wolfgang Müller
Wolfgang Obermair, Artist, Vienna
Yen Nguyen, Filmmaker, Saigon, Vietnam
Yogesh Barve
Yvon Schabrowski, Bildende Künstlerin
Yvonne Rundio, Designerin, Köln
Yvonne Zindel, Curator, Berlin/Hamburg
Zoë Claire Miller, Artist, Reprentative of BBK Berlin
Zuzanna Czebatul, Artist

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