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More from the department of historical irony


“In spring 1989, Hungary began dismantling its fortified border with Austria. A few months later, the first crack in the Iron Curtain opened when hundreds of East Germans fled across the Austrian-Hungarian border…It was in Hungary where “the first stone was removed from the Berlin Wall,” then-German Chancellor Helmut Kohl reminded his fellow Germans when he spoke in Berlin on Oct. 4, 1990, the day after German reunification” See:

On July 7, 2015 The Hungarian Parliament overwhelming approved the construction of a boarder fence to hinder asylum seekers from crossing their boarder with Serbia. See:



" […] to erect a border fence to keep out migrants."

The heavy use of the term migrants at the beginning of the bbc-article, reminded me of an article I read the other day that criticizes british media’s deliberate misuse of the word, supposedly to influence the public’s perception into not taking it for a refugee-crisis:

Maybe the Hungarians have a similar strategy?