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GULF to Guggenheim: A Storm is Blowing from Saadiyat Island


Reposted from G.U.L.F.:

Last night, the Global Ultra Luxury Faction (G.U.L.F.) used the walls of the Guggenheim Museum to send a clear message to the trustees of the Guggenheim Foundation. We also took the message to the building of the chairman of the board. A museum that seeks to profit from forced labor will be judged in public. The cynical marriage of ultra-luxury art and ultra-low wages is null and void.

The museum’s leaders broke trust by refusing further negotiations with the Gulf Labor Coalition over fair labor standards in Abu Dhabi. As they try to walk away from justice, who will hold them to account?

Every Day is May Day

A Storm is Blowing from Saadiyat Island


More Images:
Two Videos:
At the museum, and
At Trustee Mack’s residence,

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