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e-flux Statement on the Art & Education Service Administered Jointly with Artforum


Following the recent call to boycott Artforum, e-flux has been asked to “suspend their relationship with Artforum,” which would entail discontinuing the Art & Education website and service. At e-flux we, too, are closely observing Artforum’s actions, namely those taken against sexual harassment victims brave enough to speak out. Above all, we support the aim of dismantling entrenched cultures of sexual harassment, and stand with victims, the current staff of Artforum, and others who speak and act toward this goal.

e-flux is a fully independent, artists’ run organization. e-flux is not party to Artforum’s internal workings or its editorial, public, or legal positions: it is Artforum’s legal and ethical responsibility to deal with this situation in an exemplary manner that uplifts and supports those who are changing working culture in the art world for the better. Furthermore, as per Artforum’s February 9 statement, Knight Landesman is no longer employed by Artforum and does not receive renumeration, i.e., no income from the Art & Education service.

e-flux will continue to evaluate the future structure of Art & Education in relation to current developments. In our view, however, undermining this platform as a proxy will not contribute to a wider goal of gender justice or equality. In the meantime, we will continue serving the arts-education community through this unique service and platform, which is used by countless students, schools, and educational programs worldwide to announce admissions, job openings, symposia, exhibitions, and many other cultural events in the educational sphere. Proceeds from Art & Education will continue to fund e-flux’s ongoing public programming and publishing activities.


e-flux team