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Crane topples into Dallas Museum of Art, Texas Supreme Court Justice prefers this new "exhibit"

Image via Justice Don Willett

Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett tweeted about a crane that crashed into the Dallas Museum of Art earlier this month, and that he prefers this “exhibit” to the sculpture it nearly destroyed. His bio: “Justice on the Texas Supreme Court. Former drummer & rodeo bull rider. Fluent in legalese. Baller. Extravagantly blessed husband & cofounder of 3 wee Willetts.” The crane had been lifting the metal framework for a tent to be erected for an event.

The tweet garnered replies such as “It’s amazing what passes for art these days. I agree that the crane is much cooler and much more artistic,” and “PLzzz tell me Our Tax dollars did not go to pay for that so called piece of art…So sick of wasted $$”.

You can see a video of the crane crash here. Anyone know if the Dallas Museum of Art sustained any damage?