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Adjunct Commuter Weekly


After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Dushko Petrovich, founding editor of Paper Monument (and an adjunct commuter himself), recently launched Adjunct Commuter Weekly, “the first magazine to address the lifestyle needs and shared interests of a rapidly growing and increasingly influential demographic.” But after one issue, ACW abruptly ceased publication, with Petrovich telling Hyperallergic: "I just couldn’t get any big investors to believe that this would be ‘the new Uber for adjuncts.’ Maybe I could have a big gala with famous adjunct commuters and they could lean on their department heads for money? Maybe Soros? I did want to do an IPO, but then, as I said, I got caught up in the content.” The whole thing appears to have been an art project/prank from the start, but one that highlighted the extraordinarily precarious condition of adjunct instructors. The lone issue of ACW doesn’t appear to be available online, but check out this article on Hyperallergic for more hilariously deadpan remarks from Petrovich on the project.