e-flux Conversations has been closed to new contributions and will remain online as an archive. Check out our new platform for short-form writing, e-flux Notes.

e-flux conversations

About e-flux conversations


This autumn will be our fifteen-year anniversary. Since the beginning of e-flux, discussion and dissemination of urgent artistic and social ideas have been at the center of all our activities. However, until now we have taken a fairly traditional approach to developing this content: through commissioned essays, exhibition reviews, or press communiqués. This month, we are launching a new platform for in-depth open discussions pertaining to art and society. We call it e-flux conversations.

We are starting e-flux conversations with a hybrid editorial model, inviting a revolving cast of resident editors—artists, philosophers, journalists, gardeners, documentarians, designers, architects, politicians, and conspiracy theorists—to initiate and lead a series of discussion threads together with a panel of their colleagues over the course of a few weeks.

Let us know if you have any questions, and looking forward to your thoughts!