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Olfaur Eliasson on color theory, JMW Turner, and the nature-culture divide


Olfaur Eliasson, “Color Experiment Painting #4

In the January issue of e-flux journal, Tom Holert examines the work of Olfaur Eliasson in relation to the “politics of shine.” This week, Hyperallergic published an interview with Eliasson in which he discusses color theory, JMW Turner, and the same nature-culture dichotomy that Holert problematizes in his essay:

I do not believe that you can truly separate nature and culture, because there is in fact no outside. As animals, we humans are always part of nature. The science journalist Lone Frank said in a conversation I had with her recently for my Riverbed catalogue that “culture is something that arises from the human brain’s way of functioning, from our way of being animals.” We think we know what nature is, but it has more to do with what we exclude, what we say is not nature.

Read the interview with Eliasson at Hyperallergic here.