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McKenzie Wark takes over Verso's blog

This week Verso has handed its blog over to McKenzie Wark, who has used it to discuss the work of Andrey Platonov, Benjamin Bratton, and Bifo, among others. Wark’s posts share concerns and themes with Verso’s new book series entitled Verso Futures, which has so far included books by Bifo, Marc Augé, Isabell Lorey, and Paolo Virno. Verso explains the collaboration thus:

In even the most dire apocalyptic scenarios, it is easy to picture the indomitable Wark hanging in there, only accelerating his ceaseless production of high-quality theory, reimagining what comes next with material drawn from the abandoned archives, observed from the subtlest stirrings of the barren present. In that spirit, we have handed Wark the keys to the Verso blog for a week to elaborate on some of the speculative concerns (and concerns with the speculative) that his recent work shares with Verso Futures.

Visit the Verso blog to follow Wark’s posts.