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Laura Poitras being sued for Citzenfour


Laura Poitras

Some unfortunate news trickled in just before the holiday break that filmmaker Laura Poitras is being sued for Citizenfour, her recently released documentary about Edward Snowden. Poitras is being sued with other “Hollywood defendants” by a Kansas man named Horace B. Williams, a former secretary of the Kansas Department of Transportation and a retired Navy officer, Reuters reports. Williams is apparently miffed that Poitras would “glorif[y] international espionage for profit” and “have callously chosen to commercialize, capitalize and commoditize for the conscienceless benefit, the stolen CIA/NSA and other secret documents referred to and revealed in the film.”

If you feel so compelled, you can read the entire complaint on Reuters here.

While I can kind of see the legal logic that Williams is using, his argument seems pretty far fetched. Does anyone know of similar cases to this, and whether this complaint may actually have some weight?