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Franco "Bifo" Berardi on national workerism and racial warfare


Bifo Berardi also writes about understanding the results of the US Presidential Election for Diem25. He places the failure of Hillary Clinton and more broad white working class rejection of Democrats on their affiliation with neoliberalism. Read an excerpt below, in full via Diem25.

Let’s try to understand what is happening. As they did in 1933, the workers have revenged against those who have long been duping them: the politicians of the “democratic” reformist left.

A slavist who has never paid taxes, a serial raper, has emerged as the President of the United States. His voters are those workers who have been betrayed by the left in the US and in Europe. This ‘left’ should be thrown in the dustbin: they have opened the way to Fascism by choosing to serve financial capitalism and by implementing neoliberal “reforms”.

Let’s call them by some names: Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, Massimo D’Alema and Matteo Renzi, Giorgio Napolitano, François Hollande, Manuel Valls and Sigmar Gabriel. Because of their cynicism and their cowardice they have delivered people into the hands of the corporations and the governments of our lives. Inso doing, they have opened the door to the fascism that is now spreading and to the global civil war that now seems unstoppable.

In the United Kingdom and in Poland, in Hungary and in Russia, and now in the United States, National-Workerism is the winner. The white worker class, humiliated over the last thirty years, deceived by endless reformist promises, impoverished by financial aggression, has now elected the Ku Klux Klan to the White House.

As the left has taken away from the hands of the workers the democratic weapons of self-defence, here comes the racist version of the class warfare.

Wall Street has managed to vanquish Bernie Sanders, and now the Ku Klux Klan has defeated Wall Street.

The next ten years will be difficult and we must be aware of this. The crumble of capitalist globalisation is the beginning of a war which puts much of modern civilisation in danger.