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Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels to be adapted for TV


The Hollywood Reporter brings us the strange-but-wonderful news that The Neapolitan Novels will be adapted for TV by an Italian production company. For those Ferrante acolytes out there, what are your thought’s on the author’s style being transported to film? The report in partial below, in full via THR.

Italy’s leading TV production company, FremantleMedia’s Wildside, has teamed up with Fandango Productions to co-develop and co-produce a television adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s popular quartet of books The Neapolitan Novels.

Portraying life in 1950s Naples through the lives of friends Elena and Lila, the books have been a literary sensation, appearing on the New York Times “best 10 books of 2015” list and drawing admirers as far-flung as James Franco. The novels depict the close relationship of the two women amid a backdrop of radical feminism, corruption, and family and social upheaval.

Ferrante, who publishes under a pseudonym, will be involved throughout the project, which will unfold over four eight-part series and will be shot in Italy.

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