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A statement from Judith Butler.

Trump lost the elction b 3 million votes, so this is baby talk.

Hillary turned off African American voters, who had recently voted for Obama.

The Republicans were supposed to, sic, win this election. This happens ever election cycle, when there is no encombant the other party wins because of the general mood that everytign is not perfect and therfore it must be the fault of the last party in office. Except, again, not only did this not happen, but we have in office somone who lost by 3 million votes.

All those are simply the reality, of which the majority of people who frequant this cit are not able to grasp for various reasons of partisan idocy and lack of intelligence simply. However, I would venture a further thesis, beond simple statment of straightforward and undeceptive reality (a reality, the only one there is, which is in vast contradistincion to the BS of dear good-hearted but childish friends of myself like Butler) it is possible to understand it this way: the general improvemtn of condtions leads people to become more agry. So, this is the essence of the postion of de Tocqueville, propobly the only accurate thought he ever produced (it’s enough), both in the america book, but more clearly in the book on the Revoloution. Condtions imporve, people become very angry becaue they can’t grasp who was the evil agent preventing the improvmnt in past.

The imporvment allows irrationl, mentally ill, persons to step into the mainstream. In this sense I must say, rembering the Russian medival figure of the blessed Fool, which has so peculiarly affecting a image in Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev (and, if you must have it, the Ship of Fools image recalled by Foucualt, travling about the river Danaub), i woud say the aproximation of a society that is Democratic, raher than violently supresive of abnormality, is then allowed because of he general improvment of all fature sof life. SIC. And I know perfectly well of the prison situation and the economic hardship in various quarters and the mentally ill views of Chomsky and Charles Talor and other’s who suppose the proponents of Neo-liberalism were simply intrested parties rather than, wha tin reality they were, and there is only reality, sincere as is Samantha Power and BH Levy in being the support of murderous interventions of all kinds.

Things improve, people become outraged. That’s the main thing.

Butler, whose primary activity is nothing other than the sentimental help of her dear friends, plays on the simple word democracy with no lack of utter thoughtlessness. Beside from liberal democracy as defense against a tyrany of the majority, and democracy as rule of that majority, whatever the better may think of the their desire to live along settled habits and without disturbance by the agendas of their betters, there is also this memorey of the blessed fool. And I would say a sound sense of reality must admit the other exsists once more instead of perssting in imbicle partisanships of the most preminant zeal; a zeal for what, to obliterate the enemey form the face of the earth? Excto. But, how does the academic do that, not with the gun put by regulations, b rules, by eventually bringing in police to see to what has long bcome a railing and a door knob taken for granted to supress everyone else without getting one’s hands dirty.