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Cosmos as Commons: An Activation of Cosmic Diplomacy (1)
Farocki: A Frame for the No Longer Visible: Thomas Elsaesser in Conversation with Alexander Alberro (1)
After the Fictions: Notes Towards a Phenomenology of the Multitude (1)
“Un solo palo no hace monte”: Notes on the Otherwise’s Inevitable Infecundity (1)
Subjects of the American Moon: From Studio as Reality to Reality as Studio (1)
Art Without Artists? (1)
Innovative Forms of Archives, Part Two: IRWIN’s East Art Map and Tamás St. Auby’s Portable Intelligence Increase Museum (1)
Zombies of Immaterial Labor: The Modern Monster and the Death of Death (1)
Artistic Education of the Public (1)
Manifestos for the Future (1)
Transindividuation (1)
In Defense of the Poor Image (1)
Wu Yongfang, the Hunger Artist (1)
Letters to Harun (1)
Watch and Learn (1)
A Question They Never Stop Asking (1)
Editorial—Harun Farocki (1)
ALPHABETIZATION, Part I: Protocol and Proficiency (1)
An Archeologist of the Present (1)
What is Contemporary Art? Issue One (1)
On the Commons: A Public Interview with Massimo De Angelis and Stavros Stavrides (1)
What Art Is and Where it Belongs (1)
The Unthinkable Community (1)
Hidden Labor and the Delight of Otherness: Design and Post-Capitalist Politics (1)
Design for a Post-Neoliberal City (1)
The Weak Universalism (1)
(Under)Privileged Spaces: On Martha Rosler’s “If You Lived Here…” (1)
Contrat entre les hommes et l’ordinateur (1)
A Brief History of “Poor Man’s Expression” (1)
Down and Out in All the Wrong Places (Berlin 2010) (1)